Engineered to your usability and performance needs

From conceptual modeling to field-proven product, building a custom-tailored power solution should feel like a team effort. When you partner with CK Power, you work with expert engineers who listen to your needs and make clear recommendations that add value to your project.

The design process starts with a consultation. After full integration, our in-house technicians can help maintain your power generation equipment. It’s a three-tier partnership that ensures quality from cradle to grave.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Pre-sale innovation — Fine-tune your specs to perfection
  • On-time delivery — Launch your project on a fast timeline
  • Post-sale support — Keep your products running at peak performance

Fine-tune your specs to get an advanced, compliant end product

Submitting an unrefined master spec for a bid could lead to poor performance outcomes down the line. But at CK Power, custom solutions start with a thorough spec review. Our engineers will suggest industry-specific recommendations to ensure your design docs align with new-gen technology, the National Electrical Code and EPA standards.

Get the recommended changes you need to improve the overall quality and serviceability of your power product without proprietary solutions.

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With CK Power, you’re not just limited to one brand

Most generator suppliers limit you to one brand. With CK Power, you get four.

By partnering with brands backed by individual legacies of trust, you get more options, inventory access and attentive after-sales service across the country.

With Kohler, John Deere, Volvo Penta and Kubota components, your power system will deliver reliable, fuel-efficient performance when you need it most.

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Power solutions built by you

Whether you need an entire fleet of mobile generators or a fully installed standby power system, consult a tenured engineer to get your project started.

If you choose another engine fabricator to finish the job after your spec review, that’s alright. Helping you during the pre-bid is our way of ensuring the rest of your project runs smoothly.

Hundreds of custom-engineered products for leaders in multiple industries were launched by our proven design process. By investing in a custom solution, you invest in something you can be proud of.


What does your ideal generator look like?

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