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Telecom and utility service trucks need reliable mobile power from sunup to sundown, and then some. We know — we’ve customized thousands of telecom power products for the biggest players in the nation. But many service trucks rely on power from standby rated generators that often overheat and burn oil, requiring frequent service.

If you’re looking for a better option, made in the USA, our continuous-rated mobile 7 kW unit is designed to start easily in the morning and run all day while remaining cool to the touch. The gasoline model is on the market, proving itself in the field today, and the propane model will be available by the end of 2020.

Reach out to Ben Lifritz, Territory Sales Manager

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Customized units, efficient delivery

Units can be customized to fit your fleet, including an air intake panel mounted to fit the layout of service trucks and trailers and a sliding tray system that allows you to pull out the unit for easy maintenance or service.

User-friendly operation

Your gen set should alleviate headaches, not cause them, so we designed these units specifically to make your job easier. A single side service door allows ready access to the drive belt, filters, dipstick, oil drain and control panel. The cabinet fan sustains ambient internal temperatures, and the irradiated cooler conserves oil, so you’ll waste less time in service. Every unit includes the Kohler Command Pro engine, a heavy-duty model that’s fuel efficient, automatically adapts to operating conditions, and controls air intake to optimize power and load response.

Maintenance made simple

We offer a two-year or 1,000-hour warranty on all major components from the date of installation, and you’ll receive an extra year with unlimited hours for the most important part — the engine.  Kohler’s service technicians will get your engine back to work, no matter how long and hard you’ve been running it every day.

We provide cradle to grave support and service, so you’ll receive help with a problem regardless of when you bought the product. For recent purchases, you can receive customer training so you feel comfortable with the product before putting it to work.

Our spare parts and maintenance departments are always on call with a typical on-site response time of two hours and a diverse range of expertise in mobile power for telecom and utility applications. Regularly replaced components like spark plugs and filters are available at CK Power or Kohler locations.

If we don’t have a nearby location, we can connect you with expert service providers near you. You can easily find certified mechanics in your area, because the Command Pro is commonly used in machinery like irrigation systems, welders and zero turn mowers.


  • Weighs 300 pounds at less than 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall
  • Kohler ECH730 EFI engine with 3,000 RPM governor
  • 1100 CMF Hi Flow Spal cabinet fan keeps unit cool to touch
  • One-minute fan delay keeps the unit from heating after it shuts down
  • Irradiated cooler helps maintain oil levels
  • Six-point isolation system limits vibration
  • 12-pin Deutsch connector protects against the smallest electrical degradation
  • All aluminum enclosure for quiet operation
  • Easy access to drive belt, filters, dipstick, oil drain and control panel
  • Horizontal front facing belt drive system for belt swaps in five to 10 minutes
  • Service light with blinking error code detection allows for easy diagnosis if issues arise in the field


  • Remote analog panel with 20-inch harness
  • External fan kit and custom air intake panel installed during mount
  • Unit slide out tray system with custom options for easy maintenance or service
  • High-pressure hydraulic fuel pump kit for new or field addition (3,988 max PSI and 2.4 GPM)
  • Propane model in development


  • Two years or 1,000 hours from the date of installation on all major components
  • Kohler engine warranty for three years, unlimited hours — ideal in applications during which the unit will be run continuously

Let’s talk

CK Power began building and distributing off-highway power solutions in 1929 and has grown to lead the industry with a world-class team that routinely engineers custom power solutions deemed impossible by our competitors.

This generator is small yet powerful enough for food trucks, mobile workshops, vehicle trailers and other operations that need continual electricity on the go.

Reach out to Ben Lifritz, our Territory Sales Manager, about pricing, purchase options and any other questions. Download the spec sheet for more information about dimensions, wattage, amperage, parts and warranty.

Reach out to Ben Lifritz, Territory Sales Manager

Direct: 314-569-8620
Cell: 314-412-0211