What to expect from an engine distributor

A reliable engine distributor makes it easier for distributors to provide engines to customers and OEMs to find an engine suited for their application. By fostering a symbiotic relationship, CK Power is able to anticipate clients’ needs, work concurrently to find solutions and ensure the availability of necessary resources.

The partnership we share with clients enables CK Power to be a trusted source of information in addition to providing tangibles. Examining applications, space constraints, costs and more, we work with a variety of clients to find solutions to their engine obstacles and needs.

Our success as an engine distributor speaks to CK Power’s attention to detail for all clients, new and old. Whether it’s fulfilling special needs or simply providing the right order on time, every time, we know what it takes to be an engine distributor that stands out from the rest.

  • Wide range of engine solutions: CK Power represents quality engine manufacturers. These manufacturers give CK Power the capability to meet clients’ needs from 5hp to 1000hp For just about any engine application, CK Power can find a solution that works best for you. With our vast combination of options and abilities, we can ensure an engine that will be a perfect fit for your application.
  • Stocking capabilities: CK Power has the financial capabilities and warehouse space to stock a large selection of base engines and finished product. Whether it’s regularly having engines available for purchase or stocking your large order until your business is ready for this shipment, CK Power can accommodate many needs. Our stocking capabilities helps streamline clients’ businesses with short lead times.
  • Manufactured power solution: Unlike many other engine distributors, CK Power manufactures power units, pumps and generators for a variety of different markets and clients. This service combined with our engine distribution proficiency makes CK Power a one-stop shop.
  • Engineering capabilities: CK Power can engineer an engine solution into a variety of applications. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our partners engineer an engine platform into their existing piece of equipment. With the transition to final Tier 4, it’s very important for OEM’s to have a partner that will help streamline their business and not disrupt their existing manufacturing capabilities.
  • Parts and service: CK Power has a full-service parts and service department to support our customers and their equipment. Providing excellent service is an ongoing commitment to our clients, wherever they are and whatever the job may be. Our fleet of 24/7 service trucks are working around the clock to help customers and dealers when equipment goes down.

Having a trusted engine distributor will reduce headaches, help streamline your operation and ensure consistent assistance through purchases, stocking, engineered solutions, repairs and servicing.

We offer engines from the most premier manufacturers on the market such as: Kubota, John Deere and Volvo Penta. The combination of engines from the top manufacturers in the country and the engineers to customize solutions for your application makes us a one-of-a-kind engine distributor.

With the EPA’s Tier 4 regulations in full effect this past year, CK Power was quick to become experts in all things associated with Tier 4 engines and regulations. There are many questions about how Tier 4 affects a variety of applications, and we have the answers.

There are many factors an OEM should consider before making an engine purchase. From cost to Tier 4 regulations, purchasing an engine isn’t as simple a process as it used to be a few decades ago. Download our engine purchasing guide for OEMs. It will assist in finding the right engine for the right application.