Custom power solutions

No-downtime power redundancy for a major telecom company

The titans of the telecom industry operate some of the largest fleets of power generation equipment in North America. And after 30 years of manufacturing generators and power equipment for a Fortune 100 telecom company, CK Power has learned what it takes to serve this niche market:

A world-class engineering team, dedicated account management and a knowledgeable product support team that can be on-site, fixing problems in two hours or less.

Not in the catalog? Not a problem.

While we have a catalog of market-ready telecom power products, this client often needs us to build custom products exactly to their provided spec. To do this, we have to engineer solutions from the ground up, going from prototype to field testing to mass production quickly and seamlessly. We’ve proven so successful in these areas that the client asks our team to write specs for them now.

We’ve delivered thousands of custom power products for this telecom company

Throughout the decades, we’ve provided them with thousands of power products tailored to their application requirements, including:

  • Portable generators to restore power to neighborhood cabinets
  • Stationary standby power generators for cell sites
  • Compact mobile generators equipped with remote start and monitoring capabilities
  • Custom 100-gallon, double-wall fuel tanks

Essentially, we provide this telecom company multiple layers of power redundancy to ensure no network downtime, even during emergencies and natural disasters. If the utility power goes down, they have standby generators. If those fail, they can quickly deploy mobile generators as a failsafe. And if any of those fail, a CK Power representative is on-site, fixing the problem within two hours.

Overcoming strict space constraints

A big challenge when designing this client’s equipment — especially the fuel tanks and mobile generators — was meeting their strict space constraints. They have several central sites throughout the U.S. housing their fleet of generators and equipment. When disaster strikes, they need to be able to send equipment as fast as possible to the affected areas.

To meet their needs, we packed a lot of power in not a lot of space. One 53-foot flatbed trailer can carry 12 fuel tanks and 48 portable generators. And 10 mobile generators can fit in one semi.

Remote start and monitoring

Among other customizations — meeting color specs, long-lasting paint, special connectors — we equipped this client’s generators with telematic monitoring capabilities. This means that an operator in a centralized location can turn on any generator remotely, as well as receive pertinent information such as fuel level or maintenance needs. And if a generator gets unplugged, it sends them a notification with the location — so they can investigate if it wasn’t intended.

We provide quality products, and we stand behind them

There are generators we sold this client in 1991 that are still in use — which is both a testament to the quality of our products and to the effectiveness of our maintenance and repair services.

While not every product lasts 28 years, we provide cradle-to-grave support and service for each product we sell to maximize its lifespan and ensure it kicks on and provides reliable power, without fail.

This client requires products in their fleets to last at least seven to ten years. To make this happen, we provide:

  • Regular preventative maintenance services
  • Repair services upon breakdown
  • Replacement parts as needed — even for older equipment
  • Fuel services for ongoing emergency support
  • 24/7 product support for any question, big or small

For emergencies, we’re on-site within two hours

That is what our telecom client expects, and it’s what our service team delivers. And for non-emergencies, no question is too small for a personal response — even if they just need a quick reminder of how much fuel to put in the tank.

Diverse technical expertise

We service all of the generators this client has within our geographic footprint — not just the ones we manufactured. Collectively, our product support team has experience working for a variety of other organizations — and this means we have deep expertise in service and maintenance for almost every generator brand.

Decades-long relationships are built on trust and facetime

In addition to regular contact, our dedicated account managers fly in for an on-site meeting at least twice a year to listen to customer feedback about prototypes and products, learn about any new custom projects on the horizon and offer insight where we can.

Let’s talk about your telecom power needs

CK Power has the scale, expertise and flexibility to bring any custom power product to life, and we’ll maintain your fleet of products from cradle to grave. See our process for building custom power solutions. Or, if you’re ready to discuss the vision you have for your fleet, reach out to our team today.