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Video: The value of an impartial spec review for your backup power system? Invaluable

Engineers aren’t engine people. That’s where CK Power comes in. Our complimentary spec review service helps you mitigate risks by putting expert eyes on your MEP documents. We’ll clean it up, identify gaps, make suggestions, consider current regulations and finesse the installation details of your project within 24-hours. This helps you avoid future headaches such as:

  • Wasted time fielding requests for interpretation (RFIs) and writing addenda
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Poor performance outcomes due to incomplete specs
  • Reputation damage due to dissatisfied owners

In this video, our senior power systems engineer Frank Kurz walks you through exactly what to expect from our in-house spec review service. Engineers love working with our speedy and responsive team. And when you share a project with us, you’ll find a partner, not a proprietor.